People with Down syndrome have specific health care needs above and beyond standard medical care. This section includes information on conditions that are more likely to occur in individuals with Down syndrome, as well as health care guidelines and a local list of medical and dental providers.

Local Providers

Associated Conditions


People with Down syndrome are at increased risk for certain health problems compared to the general population. This section offers information about these health issues. ADHD & Down Syndrome Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a commonly diagnosed childhood problem. However, ADHD-like symptoms are more common in young children with Down syndrome compared to … Read more

Health Care Guidelines


Health care guidelines help define the standards of quality care for individuals with Down syndrome. In addition to specific recommendations for screening tests, they include information about the kinds of medical conditions that individuals with Down syndrome are at risk for and suggestions for early intervention, diet and exercise and other issues across the lifespan. … Read more

Medication and Prescription Considerations


Many individuals with Down syndrome acquire multiple doctors and specialists. While it is common for several doctors to be involved in prescribing medications for one individual, they may not be communicating with one another at all. It is important to be proactive with management of the medication list, making sure that both prescriptions and over-the-counter … Read more

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