York Area Down Syndrome Association has started a family grant program. Family grants can be used to provide assistance for anything that directly improves the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome.

Grants of up to $500 per family will be offered for:

  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • All therapies for example PT, OT and Speech, not covered by insurance or family driven money.
  • Family members to attend conferences, seminars or training sessions that address issues pertinent to Down syndrome.
  • Any other item that will benefit the growth and development of the child with Down Syndrome and their family members.

Application Process

  • Grants will be available with a maximum of $500 per family per 12 months. We encourage all families to apply but we ask you use allotted family driven funds prior to applying for a grant.
  • Total amount awarded annually will be based on availability of funds.
  • Family grants will be available to all York Area Down Syndrome Association members equally with no basis on financial status, race or creed.
  • Complete the following form and mail to YADSA, P.O. Box 7153, York, PA 17404.
  • Direct all questions to yadsagroup@gmail.com.
  • Your grant application will be reviewed and funds will be distributed within 30 days. All recipients will be notified by e‐mail or mail.
  • A check will be mailed to the family made payable to the provider. YADSA will need a receipt from provider for tax records.
  • Families are requested to contribute 5 hours of volunteer time to YADSA or fundraise a minimum of $500 in one calendar year for YADSA.


Downloadable Grant Application

YADSA Grant Application